Nuspec Oil focuses on developing novel base oils as a direct replacement of mineral oils in the production of marine and industrial lubricants.

Create a new paradigm. 


Developing base oils with superior tribological properties is our priority. We also aim to minimise disruption to your processes and formulation. 

Design the future.

Safer and Acceptable

Between 25-35% of lubricants based on toxic mineral oil is lost directly to the environment. Switching to our base oils allows you to produce lubricants compliant with environmental legislations.

Your choice our earth. 

NXG Nuspec Base Oils

Nuspec Oil developed bio-based next-generation base oils - a green alternative to mineral bright stock.

NXG B 32 and NXG N 32 are high viscosity base oils with excellent solvency, very good low-temperature threshold and outstanding tribological properties. Both are suitable for formulating marine and industrial lubricants requiring high levels of biodegradability.

Nuspec Vegetable Oils

Nuspec Oil exploits and advances commercialisation of novel rapeseed oils developed by Professor Bancroft and his team.

HELP and HOLP oil have outstanding thermo-oxidative properties due to the ultra-low polyunsaturated fatty acid content. These unique vegetable oils are suitable in the neat form as a base for lubricating oil or as feedstock in production of bio-based chemicals.