for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants

Nuspec Oil is pioneering development of biodegradable and thermo-stable base oils for lubricant and chemical industry

Nuspec Oil develops environmentally acceptable and renewable alternatives to the mineral base oils. Our bio-based, non-toxic and biodegradable oils are compliant with environmental regulations and allow one-to-one replacement of mineral oils without the need for reformulation or re-approval of existing blends while delivering superior performance.

We select raw material with superior thermal stability and advance its properties using novel processes to obtain next-generation base oils.

Our technology

rapeseed oil

Raw Material

 Novel Feedstock

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ultrasonic cavity blending


Energy Efficient Process 

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Innovative Base Oils

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Our high-quality oils deliver outstanding performance as the base in the industrial processes and formulations.

The quality of our oils comes from specially selected raw material with special fatty acid composition and properties. Together with our customers, we develop efficient feedstock and base oils to reduce the impact on the environment and provide sustainable solutions for various applications: 

  • Lubricants - we are working on the scale-up of high viscosity base oils to provide an alternative to mineral bright stock that allows improving the biodegradability of final lubricants without compromising on quality.

  • Chemicals - our biobased and renewable raw material can be incorporated into existing processes to reduce the production cost of various basic oleochemicals.