Driven to reduce environmental pollution, Nuspec Oil was founded in 2019 as a company focused on the development of the next-generation base oils.


We are redefining supply chain to suit your needs. 

Delivering value for the customer is achieved through building a resilient and efficient supply chain of the raw material used for the production of the base oils.

Using our biodegradable oils will reduce the regulatory burden and create a streamlined opportunity to develop sustainable products without changing processes.

  • Partnerships with primary producers unlock the real value of raw materials for end users.

  • R&D capabilities and our in-house expertise offer ready formulation solutions.

Price and performance restrictions limit biolubricants share of the market to 3%. Legislation compliant and competitively priced bio-based oils are crucial to diminish the use of fossil fuels.  

Nuspec Oil is pioneering the development of high performing base oils which directly compete with mineral base oils. We focus on sourcing raw material with characteristics suitable for lubricants. 

Working with us


We provide you with

our NXG base oil sample.


You test the sample in your standard formulation.


We unlock value of the supply chain.


You stay at the forefront of the innovation.


We provide excellent solutions for our clients.

Nuspec Oil is led by a team of experts in raw material development and production, oil processing and engineering. We consistently deliver bespoke solutions that meet your needs. 

To equip you with high performing base oils, we are working with various research institutes, constantly looking for new materials and new processes.

Here for you so you can be at the forefront of innovation.

Choose Nuspec Oil.

Natalia Stawniak

Founder and CEO

Natalia Stawniak obtained her PhD in Agriculture from the University of Reading. Formerly, she worked extensively on various R&D projects in the field of circular economy with regional SMEs, blue-chip companies and research institutes. In 2018, Natalia was awarded Enterprise Fellowship from the University of York, and since then she continues to develop her entrepreneurial skills as a member of Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Together with Boris and Ian, she co-founded Nuspec Oil to decrease pollution from mineral oil. She leads Nuspec Oil activities by unlocking the value of vegetable oils through novel processing and partnerships with industry and academia.    

Boris Zhmud

Founder and Technical  Advisor

Boris Zhmud holds a PhD in Surface Chemistry and is Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry at Lund University. Boris has over 25 years of experience in the field of engine tribology, lubricants and lubrication engineering documented by over 70 publications and several patents. Boris worked at the executive level with AB Nynas Petroleum, E-ION s.a., BIZOL and ANS, and is also a member of the professional institutions: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). At Nuspec Oil, he focuses on pivoting the development of base oils and biodegradable lubricants.

Ian Bancroft

Founder and Chairman

Professor Ian Bancroft gained his PhD in Genetics from the University of Lancaster. Before joining CNAP as a Chair of Plant Genomics at the University of York, he led a research group at John Innes Centre and developed thermo-stable rapeseed oil with ultra-low polyunsaturates content. Ian brings a wealth of experience in leading multinational research consortia and utilising genomics to broaden the genetic diversity of crops without using GM technologies. Ian published numerous patents and high-impact publications in the field plant genomics and his  research led to advances in the compositional characteristics of our NXG oils and co-products.