Raw Material

Nuspec Oil exploits novel thermo-stable rapeseed oils with desired properties for industrial applications.


Ultra-low polyunsaturate content in the new varieties of oilseed rape unlocks the potential of vegetable oil in the production of novel stable base oils.  

Our speciality rapeseed oils contain less than 5% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which increase their stability at high temperatures. Elevated levels of monounsaturated or very long chain fatty acids in our oils make them also more suitable for demanding applications. 

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Optimising and intensifying processes to deliver high-performing base oils is our priority.

Nuspec Oil deploys new, cleaner and energy-efficient process to maximise the benefits of raw materials and produce high-viscosity base oils.

We are working with industrial partners towards the development of flexible processing platform to manufacture bespoke lubricating base oils from various bio-based raw materials and deliver a bespoke solution to our customers.

Partnership and investment

Building a resilient supply chain is a foundation for our technology and enable our customers to stay abreast of the latest trends.    

Working with novel raw material requires carefully designed supply chain to deliver high-quality base oil for lubricant and chemical industries. We are closely working with breeders and growers to extract the value for our end customers. 

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